#MarshChat with Rebecca Atkins (@RL_Atkins on twitter)

This week’s #marshchat is with Rebecca Atkins, a PhD student at the University of Georgia.  Take a look at our chat where we talk about how different sized snails affect the marsh differently.  We also chat about some of the insights Rebecca has gotten from travelling to tons of marshes from Florida to Virginia.  What areas have the biggest snails? What has the smallest? What does that mean for the marsh?!

Rebecca’s work is ongoing but she has published some previous work on snail body size, metabolic demand, and marsh productivity that you can find here:



EDIT: I just realized that I messed up during the MarshChat and didnt have any of the pictures that we were talking about displayed.  So they are displayed here!

Snails of different sizes Littoraria irrorata (large!) Rebecca's marsh site, flooded Birds nest in marsh Littoraria irrorata



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