Welcome to Marsh Life!

Hello and welcome to MarshLife.org! If you live near the marsh, like the marsh, want to know more about the marsh, or have ever seen a marsh, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Marsh Life, we are a group of marine biologists who are trying to figure out what makes the marsh tick, what the marsh does for us, and what we can do for the marsh.

This blog will tell stories about the creatures that live in the marsh (like crabs and snails), visit the marsh every day (like fish or shrimp), or just stop by every once in a while for a quick meal (like osprey or egrets).

Along the way we will reveal some of the most innovative and creative techniques to sample marsh life (such as The Marsh Bug Vacuum). We’ll visit some of the most famous marshes in the world (like Cape Cod and Nantucket), and some of the people studying them (scientists & managers, get ready for some Google Hangouts!). Last, we’ll share our insights and those of others as to how marshes are changing and what we can do to help them.

So sit back, and get ready to enjoy our tales of marsh life.